Children’s Day 2016

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Children’s Day

child-day-bus-croppedTeachers dramatization of the Wheels on the Bus.

Jim Sir’s Children’s Day 2016 welcoming address

Good morning. Today I am going to talk about children as we celebrate Children’s Day. Children’s Day is celebrated on different dates in many countries however, in India, it is celebrated in mid November every year to commemorate the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister Mr. Nehru. Actually the 14th of November is the birth anniversary of the former Prime Minister and it is typically the day Children’s Day is celebrated in India. But June 1st is also the International Children’s Day and November 20th is Universal Children’s Day, so I think we’re pretty safe in celebrated here at GPS today.

Prime Minister Nehru was known as a true friend of India’s children and young people. He loved to talk and spend time with children. He wanted to inspire and motivate children and young people to be patriotic and happy citizens of the country. He was also deeply concerned about the welfare, health, nutrition, and education of children and understood that children represented hope for the future prosperity of India.

A little over a month ago, Dr. Vanavayarar spoke to us at our inauguration celebration. He reminded us about the words and deeds of another great Indian leader, Dr. Abdul Kalam. India’s strength in the 21st century, he said,  is its young population.

The one thing we can say with certainty about the future is that ten years from now, we’ll all be ten years older. So, students who are 10 years old right now, are going to be 20. What do 20 year olds do? Hopefully they are in the process of completing their postsecondary education or maybe they are already beginning their careers. Ten years later, they’ll be 30 and will probably have a young family and be advancing in their careers. At 40 they’ll be preparing to help their children make their educational and career plans and may have achieved positions of leadership in their chosen career. You see the pattern.

It is vital that boys and girls be given equal opportunities to learn and develop as they are the true strength of the country. With so many young people in India, the rest of the world refers to India’s demographic dividend. You are what will make India a wealthy and prosperous nation in the future.

Celebrating Children’s Day also reminds us that we have a duty to support and protect children from abuse, violence, and neglect. So today, I wish you all a very happy Children’s Day and ask you all to start each day with a private, personal, promise to your selves to do your best work at school, give your utmost effort, to be honest and trustworthy, and most of all, to be good citizens of both the GPS community and India as a whole.

Thank you very much.

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