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Chennai Field Trip Reports

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The weekend after exams were complete we the grade nine class and four staff; Arokyamary M’ame, Kiruthika M’ame, Victoria M’ame and Aldin Sir; had the chance to visit the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. We saw the following places: St Thomas Mount Church, Marina Beach, Mahabali, two museums, Dhashan Chittra, and Valluvar Kottam. We stayed in the Hotel ECR Grande Residency in Chapakkam. We enjoyed the whole trip with our friends and teachers. We learned many things related to the following subjects –  geography, history, Tamil, and biology.  We thank our principal, Mr Jim Brickell, to...

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Opportunities, Change and Challenges

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Nelson Mandella once said that ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. As Global Pathways Matriculation School launches into the 2017 – 2018 academic year I am more convinced than ever that he was right. In June the school opened with 370 students in seventeen home room classes ranging from Lower Kindergarten to grade 10. Each and every one of our students is on a journey of change. Some of our students are the first members of their family to attend school. Others are the first to make it to high school. All are embarking on new experiences, new...

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Principal’s Message April 2017

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When the school year started back in June 2016, teachers, staff, and students were all scrambling to make the best of a less than great situation. Construction on the ground floor of our new building hadn’t gone according to schedule and was far from being ready. There was no alternative but to find more space to create temporary classrooms and get on with it. The living room and a bedroom in the guest house were converted into tiny but usable spaces; boxes of supplies were unpacked, whiteboards and bulletin boards were hung, and books were distributed. Classes re-commenced on June 20....

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Journey to Chennai – Winning the Trophy

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We, the grade nine students of Global Pathways School, Samyuktha, Soundariya, Madhumitha, Maruthavarshini, Saravana Kumar, Vishnu Prabhu, Arun, Sudailamani, and Varshini would like to proudly share the experience of our ‘Journey to Chennai’. “Just on time’ would be the statement that sums up our journey. It started out in a traffic jam in Coimbatore on our way to the station. Would we make it on time for the train? We had to hurry but we made it to the train with only minutes to spare. Many of our mothers and fathers were at the station waiting to see us off. Some of us were a little...

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A Year to be Grateful For

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Dear Friends, As we approach the end of 2016, we find ourselves taking a big breath, and reflecting on the year behind us and the goals we have ahead. This year was particularly momentous for Village Community Schools. We have so much to celebrate. And so much to be grateful for. As we shared in September, we finally – after many hurdles – opened the doors to a remarkable new building that will carry us into the future. The students and staff are thriving with a new energy that is indescribable. Seeing the school recently with my own eyes was truly one of the most awe-inspiring moments of my...

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