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School Life at GPS

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While our school is cloaked in scaffolding and work on Phase Two of our new building continues upstairs, our classrooms, library, computer lab, corridors, and playground are filled with the sounds of learning. Every day I see and hear interesting and engaging conversations, watch students work at solving problems, read samples of really insightful writing, and witness the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growing process. What follows is a brief summary of highlights from the past couple of months. In mid January we held our first set of student led conferences. These are a bit...

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Showers of Fortune?

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Saturday July 4 The second week of school is wrapping up with a Saturday half day of classes. I’ve never really cared for six day school weeks but here in India it is the law. Elementary schools must operate 210 school days and middle schools, 220. That’s a lot of schoolin’. Hence, Saturday classes. I am very pleased with how the first couple of weeks have gone. Uniforms, shoes, school supplies, class lists, time tables, schedules, calendars, and so on are all in place. Our first day of classes was a bit chaotic. Day one featured monsoon rains, lake sized puddles, lots of mud, and howling...

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Chettipalayam Calling

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Once again this March, a group of grade eleven students from the York School ventured out to Chettipalayam to engage in an international service learning expedition. The ‘India Trip’ is a great opportunity for Canadian young people to broaden their horizons and challenge their perceptions of themselves and their world. For Global Pathways, their presence in our school community provides a tangible boost in our students’ exposure to native English speech. In addition to making English the language of the playground as well as the classroom for a few weeks, York School students initiated...

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