Chennai Field Trip Reports

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The weekend after exams were complete we the grade nine class and four staff; Arokyamary M’ame, Kiruthika M’ame, Victoria M’ame and Aldin Sir; had the chance to visit the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. We saw the following places: St Thomas Mount Church, Marina Beach, Mahabali, two museums, Dhashan Chittra, and Valluvar Kottam. We stayed in the Hotel ECR Grande Residency in Chapakkam. We enjoyed the whole trip with our friends and teachers. We learned many things related to the following subjects –  geography, history, Tamil, and biology.  We thank our principal, Mr Jim Brickell, to give the great chance to visit Chennai.  

By K. Mahalakshmi


We the grade 9 and four teachers got a chance to visit the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It was a great opportunity to us, to visit Chennai. After reaching the Chennai, we stayed in ECR Residency in Cheppakam. We visited Mahaballipuram, Valluvar Kottam, Museum, Mount Saint Thomas Church, and Dhashan Chittra Museum. We learned a lot by visiting these places, mostly these places related to our subjects. My favorite was the blue whale in the museum. We also enjoyed the chance to walk around and do some shopping. This great opportunity for me and my classmates. This was the most  memorable trip in our life. Once again I like to thank the management.

By Charles


We the grade 9 students and 4 staff form GPS had the chance to visit the Capital of Tamil Nadu (Chennai).  We had stayed in the ECR Grand Resort. There we enjoyed lot with friends and teachers.  We had the the chance to visit the famous historical places in Chennai. The place are: Dhashan Chittra, Mahaballipuram (Shore Temple), St Thomas Mount, Egmore Museum, Vallura Kottam, Marina Beach.  We had learn about the history, geography and biology and also about Tamil.  This trip has been a wonderful and memorable chance to visit some historical places and learn more about our state. We would like to thank the school management for providing this wonderful opportunity to us to visit Chennai.

By Bhuvaneshwari



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