Community Development

Community Development

Developing a Sustainable Project and Community

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We want to encourage our teachers, the families of our children, and the community at large to develop in all areas – academic, cultural and economic – outside of our classroom walls.
Here are some ways that Village Community Schools is ensuring practical and sustainable opportunities for helping the members of our community to prosper:

We provide a classroom environment that encourages children to develop in all areas including academic, social, emotional and physical. We have classes in art, science, math, language, music and gym. Technology is integrated into the curriculum, and we provide access to resources for teachers and students.

Nutrition Programme
This daily program includes breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and an end of day protein snack. Many students do not have access to enough nutritious food at home, and the food provided by GPS has resulted in better health among the children.

Health Study
Stay tuned; this update will be posted soon.

Improving the Slum Settlement for Children


Children living in the slum settlement have very limited space to enjoy play and sports activities outside of school. With the support of the Panchayat President (Village President), we have facilitated a play area in one of the slum settlements, complete with equipment that has been donated and built by students from The York School in Toronto, Canada.

The park space is the result of a true community effort, as the Panchayat President agreed to support water and electricity access, and the families of the slum settlement help to maintain the area. The park is a wonderful place for children to enjoy, and helps improve the lifestyles of the slum settlement families.

Supporting Families



Many members of the community are involved in the daily operations of the school and the support of its students. Mothers, grandmothers, fathers and other family members are hired by the school to support with lunch and snack times, maintenance, security, and other roles. We understand the importance of supporting the full community and families of our students, and this will continue to be an ongoing mandate of our school.