Global Pathways School Has Moved!

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Global Pathways School Has Moved

After months of frustrating delays, the ground floor of our new school building is ready for occupancy! On Friday September 2, classes were cancelled and the moving trucks rolled up. Every stick of furniture, every filling cabinet, every whiteboard and bulletin board, and hundreds of boxes and bins needed to be shifted. Moving day started slowly with confusion and indecision about how best to pack and load the trucks but as the day went along, the movers gained momentum. All teachers, helpers, and quite a few student volunteers worked tirelessly all day Friday. Even though we planned to move over two days, by late in the afternoon Friday it was evident that we were only a few trips from being finished. Rather than send the crew home, we offered to pay them for the two days if they kept going and got it all done in one day. They agreed, and the last truck was unloaded at 2:00 AM Saturday!

On Saturday the unpacking began. White boards and bulletin boards started being installed and soon, a small mountain of cardboard boxes formed in the inner courtyard. Sunday and Monday were holidays in Tamil Nadu so everyone took a well deserved rest. Tuesday morning September 6 was our ‘dress rehearsal’ day. We tested out new bus routes (still a work in progress) and held our regular start of the week assembly in front of the new school. After assembly, all the students entered their new school and visited their classrooms for the first time. Each class did a walking tour to learn where the bathrooms and other important places in the school were, and then we sent all the kids home so we could finish setting up the classrooms for business as usual on Wednesday.

I was enormously happy with our first full day in the new building. Morning porridge, mid morning snacks, lunch, and end of day snacks were delivered flawlessly. Plates and tumblers were washed, rinsed and put away. Art, PT, Tamil, and Resource classes took place as scheduled. The Upper School students wrote exams in the morning and afternoon, and from my perspective, there was excellent teaching and learning happening in all the classrooms. The students love their new wide open, clean, and bright classrooms. They love the gleaming granite floors. They love the shiny new bathrooms. At GPS we’re used to seeing smiling happy kids. This has been an especially happy week. Thank you as always, to our many supporters. Your generosity and vision is allowing something very special to happen in Chettipalayam!

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  1. Sounds like a full week of activity but am so happy that you are ‘in’. Best of luck as you continue to settle in.

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