Journey to Chennai – Winning the Trophy

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We, the grade nine students of Global Pathways School, Samyuktha, Soundariya, Madhumitha, Maruthavarshini, Saravana Kumar, Vishnu Prabhu, Arun, Sudailamani, and Varshini would like to proudly share the experience of our ‘Journey to Chennai’.

“Just on time’ would be the statement that sums up our journey. It started out in a traffic jam in Coimbatore on our way to the station. Would we make it on time for the train? We had to hurry but we made it to the train with only minutes to spare. Many of our mothers and fathers were at the station waiting to see us off. Some of us were a little homesick at first but as the train ride went on, we were all having fun. Along the way we had snacks and dinner.

We arrived in Chennai Station and all the teachers made sure we stayed together. It was a long walk from the station to the hotel and we had to carry all our props. We went to sleep at 12 midnight and had to be up at 6am to have breakfast and start getting our hair and makeup ready. We had a short rehearsal up on the roof of the hotel, put on our costumes, got on the bus, and arrived at the auditorium at 2:00pm.

Just before the competition began, we were nervous and excited.  We had a long practice for smiling. All arranged in a line, we entered the stage. Even though it was a huge crowd, we didn’t fear. Trouble again popped up just as we went on stage. The band’s keyboard wasn’t working so after a long wait, the stage crew switched it and we began our performance. Even though we started with a technical problem, we gave a rocking performance. We smiled and enjoyed every moment on stage and won the trophy for Best Entertainer.

Our first public performance was a huge success for us!

The next day, we got up very early and walked back to the train station in the dark. We travelled all the way home to Coimbatore and reached the station at 2pm. We boarded the school buses and proudly arrived at school with the trophy just as classes were ending.

We would like to thank our Music Master, Mr. Tony, our choir teachers who performed so well with us, Nishanthini, Caroline, Sudha, and Haripriya, our band, Naveen, Nathaniel and Allan, and our beloved principal Mr Jim and his wife Joy Mam for giving us this opportunity. We showed our talent to the world!

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