Settling into our new home – Visitors & Celebrations

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mu0_8416The month of September went by in a blur. After the school moved over the weekend of September second to fifth, there were two shortened weeks due to the Bah rid and Onam Holidays, parent teacher interviews that served as open houses, and then a full week off at the end of the month for the Indian Quarterly School Holidays. It was October before we knew it!

Yet somehow in those first few weeks in our new building, we managed to work out the kinks that are bound to crop up when you relocate thirteen classrooms, three hundred students, and sixty faculty and staff. We quickly discovered that storage space was going to be a challenge and actually moved surplus materials back to Chettipalayam. Once our second and third floors are done, we’ll have room for it all and then some. We also learned that the prevailing wind comes from the west and picks up velocity as the day goes on and when students are dismissing between 3:40 and 4:30 every afternoon, there is a virtual wind tunnel in our west side entrance! The perimeter wall and lots of new trees should help.

mu0_8620Getting students to and from school required a totally re-vamped bus schedule. Kids who used to walk needed transport, and vice versa. Thanks to some cajoling by Sunbeam and Boopathy, there is a steady stream of two wheelers and auto rickshaws every morning and afternoon as parents do their ride share duties. Two bus timings in the morning and afternoon move settlement and village kids to and fro. Twenty five of our students are riding their bikes to school every day which is very nice to see. We experienced our first stolen bicycle incident in October! With some super sleuthing though, the missing bike was sheepishly returned to its rightful owner the next day. All charges were dropped and the lesson was learned, that it’s pretty tough to keep that kind of thing a secret in a small village…

On October 15 the school was inaugurated in grand style. The first hour of the program featured classical and folk dances, a hoola hoops demonstration, yoga and karate performances, and some wonderful music performed by the school choir. Following the cultural program, the official ribbon cutting was presided over by Mrs. Theresa Mersky and the Chief Guest Dr. Vanavarayar. In his remarks, our Managing Trustee Mr. Tharani Rajkumar explained the long and sometimes rocky path that led to the opening of Phase One of our new campus and our Chief Guest, quoted the late Dr. Abdul Kalam, known as a India’s ‘education president’, in his remarks that were directed toward our students. Dr. Vanavarayar pointed out that the future of India surely lies with its youth, and Global Pathways School is the right school, at the right time, in the right place to prepare for a bright future indeed.

The Board and Board Advisors stayed on after the students, parents, guests, and staff departed, and conducted its first meeting ever, on campus. There were a number of important initiatives discussed including planning for Phase Two of the building project, affiliation with ICSE, and future collaboration between GPS and other schools in the region.

I feel that the school has passed an important milestone over these past few weeks. I am optimistic about our future and offer my heartfelt thanks to the Boards in both Canada and India, and all our donors and volunteers for their unwavering and generous support.

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  1. Great post! Any videos of the inauguration? (I spy a camera in the third photo)

    Enjoy DC!

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